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Rough Surface



The Book

Running To Catch A Bus
A  Classic By Walker Armstrong !



The Author

Walker Armstrong

This diverse and relationally-rich background has given Walker a unique perspective about the journey of life. Walker believes that the trials even more than the triumphs of life can serve as building blocks for creating a meaningful life if properly processed. Walker has been able to help those who have lost hope or a sense of direction because he has been there himself.

At the heart of his approach to human development has been his faith. This foundational conviction in the overcoming creative and redemptive purposes of God has provided him a deep source of insight about how to help others to proactively engage the opportunities and heartaches of life with grace and truth.

Walker writes from this same wellspring where mystery and hope intermingle. This website is built to expose you to some of his uplifting and heartfelt musings. Enjoy!

Walker is native son of North Carolina. He spent most of his childhood and adolescent years in Asheboro where he claims “was the best place a young man could grow up, but not too fast.” Unlike some, he had great parents, a better than average sister, a loving extended family, and a large group of pals, many of whom he stays in touch with to this day.


He later graduated from Wake Forest University in 1984 with a BA in History and from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1988 with an M.Div. He now resides in Winston-Salem where he leads a non-profit organization designed to help churches be a transformative blessing in their communities. Together, he and his wife have four adult children, four grandchildren and serve as dog-wranglers to a rambunctious labradoodle named Beau. These are some of the more traditional, obligatory biographical facts you would come to expect from a site like this.  


But like any other story, it is the detours and even dead ends that make any narrative interesting. For instance, over the years Walker has had anything but a normal vocational trajectory. Whether he was running a team for a large janitorial service company; starting new churches; coaching Fortune 500 executives; speaking to hundreds of religious leaders; or revitalizing a 136-year-old non-profit organization, one common thread reappears – he has spent his entire career helping people grow and develop.



The Author Continued

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope that my offerings will provide enjoyment and inspiration to you. Regardless of how efficacious this venture is, it is important for you to know that I love to write. Since I was very young, I have put my feelings and imaginative musings onto paper or a luminous screen. This has been primarily for my own enjoyment, but occasionally for a wider audience.

Those who have read my material have consistently encouraged me to publish my works. Based on their persistent exhortations and my own curiosity I decided to give it a try. I read books on the process, got advice from some experts and sought to get a book agent but was unsuccessful. Finally, I decided to go the self-publishing route.

Still, I wondered who would be interested in what I had to say. I have read that all authors feel that way at some point or another. This fellowship of vulnerability gave me some added courage to keep trying. So, this website is the culmination of my efforts to see if I could entertain and encourage others with ideas that have moved me. I look forward to hearing back from you about my venture. God bless.

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